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We are delighted to announce the launch of our magazine. In it we set out the key information about 2016, information that you can use to make 2017 even more of a success than 2016 was. The features include the following overviews of the thought-provoking Year-in-Review reports we co-produce with sector-leading partners:

  • The regions – in partnership with APSCo;
  • The Pharmaceutical Sector – in partnership with Clinical Professionals.
  • Law – in partnership with Laurence Simons;
  • Insurance – in partnership with OJA;
  • Tax – in partnership with Brewer Morris;

This piece of essential reading will be launched on 1 March. You can make sure that you are one of the first recruiters to benefit from it by pre-ordering your copy today. The magazine is available as a hard copy, which will be available at the Global Recruiter Summit in London, and as an e-zine, which can be downloaded on all seven continents. If you want to read the magazine and start making use of Vacancysoft’s unique Business Intelligence data before your competitors do, just register here.




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